THIS IS IT NETWORK™ LIVE Women’s Conference

THIS IS IT NETWORK™ LIVE Women’s Conference

THIS IS IT NETWORK™ LIVE IS BACK! Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is taking her enthusiastic energy to the main stage along with our talented community of SCREAMERS! This fun-filled event will feature in-depth interviews, interactive workshops, panel discussions, free gifts, and more.

THIS IS IT NETWORK™ LIVE is a multifaceted event that celebrates THIS IS IT NETWORK™’s SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ mission, connects our growing community, introduces seasoned professions, and promotes real connections.

This LIVE event brings together our global audience and our international SCREAMER community to network and learn. Join us for this high-energy, 3-day conference from Thursday, August 18th through Sunday, August 20th at Stockton University’s Atlantic City Campus in Southern New Jersey.

Top Dog Cocktails featured 8/20 for Women’s Summit Brunch




Aug 18 - 20 2022

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