Currently, we are only able to offer one flavor per case. We are working on a Variety pack, but that won’t be ready until late July/early August. However, we can ship/deliver a single flavor case(s) directly to your house in PA, usually within a week, two weeks max. To do this, please visit https://topdogcocktails.com/products/

1-2 weeks. Delivery is usually done within one week of your order, but it can take up to two weeks. On very rare occasions, it can take slightly longer.

No. We are only offering full cases at this time. A full case is 24 12oz cans.

No. We are only able to offer direct delivery to homes in PA.

We are only legally able to delivery to Pennsylvania residents right now. We are looking into distribution channels in other states, but aren’t able to be there yet. Hopefully soon, with New Jersey likely to be our first destination outside of PA.

Hopefully very soon. Unfortunately, it is a slow and long process to get approved and placed into the PLCB state liquor stores.

No, we can only deliver to residences. Please provide a PA residence for us to ship to.

We offer free delivery within 30 miles of Lansdale in the following counties: Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware counties. If you’re outside this radius, we will have to ship via FedEx and the customer pays for that cost.

All distilled spirits are gluten free. Top Dog Cocktails are Gluten Free and are marked as such on the cans.

Calories can be derived by Alcohol by Volume (ABV), plus some contributions from the other ingredients (sugar, fruit, etc). Generally speaking, in a 12oz pour, for every point of ABV = ~20 calories. Here are some standard drinks/pours with their ABV and their calorie content compared to Top Dog Cocktails.

  • 5oz glass of wine (12%) – ~125 calories
  • 6oz pour of Top Dog Cocktails (12.5%) – ~150 calories
  • 12oz IPA (beer) (7%) – ~280 calories
  • 1.5oz shot of Whiskey (43%) – ~105 calories

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